To play golf on the the land around Painswick Beacon in Gloucestershire is to experience a course designed to test and delight golfers who truly appreciate how golf should be played -  a sanctuary for the intelligent golfer in these days of  corporate golf.  Hidden away in the Gloucestershire countryside, here the architect has been nature taking over where human activity over the ages has left its mark. This is manorial land and has been since the middle ages, but in earlier ages the Beacon provided the ideal location for an ancient Iron Age hilltop fort with massive ramparts. During the golf boom in Victorian England, local English golfing enthusiasts, evangelical in their zeal to introduce family members, work colleagues and friends to the pleasures of their then new and novel pastime , engaged David Brown of the Malvern Club, who had been Open Champion in 1868, to lay out a nine hole course played in the opposite direction to the present plan. What Brown found at Painswick was a landscape of stark and natural beauty to rival anything that he had experienced north of the border in the home of golf. The course that Brown devised satisfied the Victorian ideals of athleticism and investment in leisure, particularly  the five holes (still in play) running through the ancient fortress and providing stunning views from the very edge of the Cotswold Escarpment.  The holes added between the Beacon and the present clubhouse have further enhanced the course. Often imitated locally but seldom successfully, Painswick continues to offer a unique golfing experience.  21st century golfing technology has had surprisingly little impact on scoring at Painswick. While there are seven par 3 holes and numerous eagle opportunities on short par 4 holes, even scratch golfers require excellent course management in order to make it home with a decent score. Over the years we have moved on from Victorian middle class self improvement while remaining just as engaged with the challenges of golf. We are famous as a friendly society of golfers of all abilities . We may not be the biggest club but we pride ourselves on a relaxed atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all. Painswick Golf Course is  deservedly in the UK's top 100 golf courses, as rated by Golf Monthly magazine. We greatly look forward to meeting you, whether you are looking for membership or whether you are interested in a superb golf break experience.

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