PGC Competitions


Club competitions 2020

Instruction for all entering club competitions


Rules of play: we are adhering to Golf England guidance on avoiding contact with the flagpole. 


Cards: Please mark a card as follows:

  1. You, as marker, please fill in the name, etc. of the person for whom you are marking.

  2. Record your name as marker.

  3. Record gross scores and stableford points for the person you are scoring for (and for yourself in the left-hand columns)as usual.

  4. At the end of the round, do not exchange cards, but please sign as marker.  So there is only one signature on the card.  Do NOT touch the card on which your score is recorded.

  5. Please ask the person recording your score to read out to you both your gross score and stableford points for each hole.

  6. If the clubhouse is open place your card in the box.

  7. If the clubhouse is closed, please take a photo of the score card (or ask one of your playing partners to do so) and email or WhatsApp the card to me.  I will then enter them into the system and publish the results later.  (To use WhatsApp, you will need to have my mobile number –see below.


Competitions Secretaries


Billy Daws  Rob Bowden


Mobile: 07505128675      Email

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