9th Hole:    Par 5    Yards: 469


White:  Par 5   469 yards   SI 5

Yellow:  Par 5  440 yards   SI 5

Red:       Par 4   375 yards    SI 1

A very challenging Par 5 hole as the last 140 yards of the approach can best be described as extraordinary. If the second shot is to succeed in setting up a scoring opportunity it must clear broken ground and thick rough on both sides of an outrageously narrow and twisting fairway. There is a high bank of thick grass to the right of the green with another bank falling away to the left. The route to birdie is no less interesting with a drive past the tree on the right leaving no more than 300 yards. A second shot to the narrow table top of level fairway running towards the beech tree will leave an approach of 150 yards to set up the birdie putt from the middle of the green. Read this putting surface very carefully.

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