8th Hole:    Par 5 Yards: 489


White:  Par 5    489 yards   SI 9

Yellow:  Par 5   448 yards   SI 9

Red:       Par 5   443 yards    SI 7

A challenging tee shot to avoid the coffin shaped ditch and the copse on the right. Aim straight at the tree in the distance to the left of the fairway to set up an approach shot of about 200 yards to a sunken green. As it's a blind second shot it is important to walk up to the rise to check the lie of the land. The best play is to fall short and use the slope above the green. It is very easy to send the approach sailing past the pin and into the hazard areas to the right and rear of the green. Definitely a hole demands respect but bold but accurate golf can yield a terrific score  

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