30th May - 30th June 2020 PGC back to play - full rules and regulations for the course and clubhouse.


Please follow these rules in order to meet expectations of England Golf for safe return to play.


Non-compliance may result in further closure of the course to play

Save lives, protect the NHS, stay safe

Painswick Golf Club

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To be allowed to access the course a player must:

1. Be a full paid-up member
2. Not have been out of the country in the last 14 days

3. Not be displaying any COVID-19 symptoms
4. Have a time booked with the PGC Office in your name



  1. You must book a time in advance. This can be done by phone to the Office (Monday, Wednesday and Friday AM on 01452 812615). There is also an online booking for that you can find in the members section of this website.  Booking will be open two weeks prior to the date of play. 

  2. Members should travel to the club alone or with members of the same household.

  3. Arrive at the course no more than 10 minutes before your pre-booked time.

  4. The practice net is available.

  5. Please park a suitable distance from others cars.

  6. Adhere to Government social distancing guidelines.



  1. The clubhouse is closed until further notice, including access to the coffee machine.

  2. Entrance is limited to the Office, locker rooms and toilet facilities only.

  3. Change your shoes in the car park.




Golfers are to be aware that there may be an increase in public use in and around the course.  A common sense approach with safety in mind should be adhered too.


  1. Players can play as individuals, two-balls, three or four-balls at 10 minute intervals.

  2. Putting green is open to a maximum of 2 people at once. Priority should be given to those playing next. Observe social distancing guidelines.

  3. The practice net will be available, again social distancing implemented

  4. Arrive at the first tee no more than five minutes before your playing time.

  5. Observe the two metre social distancing marks on all tees and greens.

  6. Tee off times to be strictly observed.

  7. Do not enter the next tee unless the group in front have gone.

  8. Any player not following the directions will be asked to leave the course.

  9. Do not “go back” to play another ball.

  10. All flag sticks to remain in the holes. Do not handle any pins.

  11. All putts within 12 inches to be conceded.

  12. Do not touch another player’s equipment, including tees, balls and clubs.

  13. Do not pick up balls you find.

  14. No benches are to be used.

  15. Do not share drinks and food.

  16. Do not shake hands at the start and end of your round.



  1. Please leave the course immediately.

  2. Do not exchange score cards.

  3. Lockers can be used to store equipment. Please be as quick as possible.

  4. Please leave the car park as soon as you can after your round.



  1. Please observe the social distancing guidance in the shop.

  2. Only one member should be in the office at once and social distancing should be observed.

  3. Please stay at least two metres away from all green-staff.

  4. Do not enter the green keeper’s shed.


If you are found to be in breach of these requirements, you will be asked to leave the course immediately and disciplinary action will be taken by the club against any member who fails to observe these requirements.



  1. Rules of Golf-Related Matters


To enable some of the changes to the way the game is played, there are likely to be a number of changes to the Rules of Golf. Some of these are outlined below.


Forms of Play and Scoring

  • It is recommended that non-competition play is used during the initial period of golf being played, and that stroke play competitions involving players in different groups are avoided

  • If competitive stroke play is played, a method of scoring needs to be used that does not require any handling or exchanging of scorecards

  • Committees may choose to allow methods of scoring in stroke play that do not strictly comply with Rule 3.3b, or do not comply with the normal methods used under Rule 3.3b. For example

    • Players may enter their own hole scores on the scorecard (it is not necessary for a marker to do it)

    • It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores, but some form of verbal certification should take place

    • It is not necessary to physically return a scorecard to the Committee provided the Committee can accept the scores in another way

  • As provided in the Rules of Golf, scorecards can be electronic, which could include emailing or texting scores to the Committee.




  • Golfers are required to leave the flagstick in the hole at all times and not to touch it. It is a matter for the Committee to decide whether it establishes this policy by way of a Code of Conduct or Local Rule, and whether it provides a penalty under the Code of Conduct or for a breach of the Local Rule

  • As a temporary provision, flagsticks can be used for the purpose of player safety which do not meet the specifications in Part 8 of the Equipment Rules



Hole and Holed

  • The hole liner (sometimes referred to as the hole ‘cup’) is to be set in a way that means that all of the ball cannot be below the surface of the putting green, so the ball is considered holed if any part of it is below the surface of the putting green

  • To minimise the need to lift the ball from the hole, it is recommended that the Committee provides that a ball is holed with the next stroke if it is within 12 inches of the hole (which is just over the length of a standard putter grip). This does not prevent a player in match play conceding a stroke that is outside this length

  • The Committee may decide to have the hole liner sitting above the surface of the green and treat a ball as holed if it strikes the liner


Note: Consult the relevant handicapping authority on whether scores using any of the above provisions are acceptable for handicapping purposes - https://www.congu.co.uk/guidance-on-qualifying-scores-during-the-covid-19-restrictions/

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