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painswick golf club course
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Course Overview

 A unique golfing experience

Painswick golf course is like no other. With several blindspots and some of the best par 3's in the country, players should prepare to be entertained and challenged.

Course Design

Painswick golf course is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty and takes full advantage of the undulating landscape. At 5,000 yards with a par of 67, the golf course sits atop the Cotswolds escarpment which offers spectacular views of Gloucestershire and the Welsh Mountains.


The golf course is built on the remnants of an Iron Age fort which is over 3,000 years-old.  As a result, players will discover several blind spots and great ramparts of earth and stone which enclose all or part of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th holes; adding to the overall character.

Painswick rated #2 on Peter McEvoy's 'Top 5 Classic Holes'

Painswick Golf Club Logo
Painswick Beacon
Conservation Efforts

The course itself is on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to the rare limestone grassland which supports a unique range of plants and insects. Painswick Golf Club is proud to be part of a local conservation project which seeks to maintain the Beacon's natural beauty and protect the local wildlife.

In 2018, Painswick received a grant from the Biffa awards to install underground water mains to the grazing paddocks on Painswick Beacon. This initiative is representative of our commitment to the local community and improving biodiversity.

Overview of Painswick Golf Course
Course Guide
Handicap Tables

Handicap Tables

We follow the World Handicap System at Painswick Golf Club. More information can be found here.



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